Park Tool HCW-16.3 Chain Whip/Pedal Wrench

$ 33.95
Brand: Park Tool



The Park Tool HCW-16.3 combines two tools essential for common bicycle maintenance and repair–a pedal wrench and a chain whip for removing rear sprockets–without sacrificing functionality. With its long handle and E-nickel-plated steel construction, the HCW-16.3 is a strong, durable tool that is built to last, equally at home in the garage or in a professional mechanic's traveling toolbox.

Product Details:

  • Chain whip: compatible with all 7-speed to 12-speed cassettes, including SRAM AXS 12-speed systems, and compatible with single-speed cassettes with a 3/32" cog
  • Pedal wrench: compatible with any pedal with 15 mm wrench flats

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