Maxima Racing Oils Assembly Lube 4 fl oz, Drip

$ 11.82



Specialty lubricant designed to form a durable protective film on moving components and wear surfaces during assembly and initial break-in. Formulated with an advanced 2X Zinc anti-wear system that activates at both high and low temperatures, Assembly Lube prevents metal-to-metal contact after startup, before the engine oil can reach critical components. The non-foaming formulation easily dissolves into both mineral and synthetic oils, won’t clog filters and provides exceptional rust and corrosion protection during service and extended storage.

Product Details:

  • 2X Zinc system provides exceptional anti-wear protection at all temperatures
  • Compatible with all mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic engine oils
  • Formulated to protect at startup and facilitate efficient break-in
  • Pleasant cinnamon scent for indoor use
  • Rust and corrosion protection during extended storage

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