Wera Bicycle Set 15 - 5 Pieces

$ 56.68
Brand: Wera



The Wera Bicycle Set 15 is ultra compact and lightweight with two quadruple bits and three tire levers. Four different screw profiles can be operated with just one bit. Significant weight savings of over 50%, and enormous space savings make the Bicycle Set 15 perfect for mobile use. The operability of the large profiles is made possible by the spring compression of the small tips. The bit with a 1/4" hexagon drive (Wera connection series 1) can also be used with e.g. bit ratchets and bitholding screwdrivers with Rapidaptor. The 9504 tyre lever has a 1/4" mounting for using a 1/4" bit. When both 9504 tyre levers are stacked together, a 4-in-1 bit can be inserted and you get a screwdriving tool. The 9505 tire lever serves as both valve ejector and bleeder valve. The levers and 4-in-1 bits can be clipped together, so that everything is compact and nothing will be lost.

Product Details:

  • Compact, secure and very simple retainer in the Wera tire levers
  • Hex sizes on 2 4-in-1 bits: 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and TX 25
  • Innovative, extremely compact quadruple bit - only one bit for four different screw sizes
  • Super space-saving solution, ideal for mobile use
  • The hexagon mounting of the tire lever allows a torque of up to 10 Nm


  • Chain Tool: No
  • UPC: 4013288222190
  • MPN: 05004182001

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