SwissStop RS Organic Compound Disc Brake Pad Set, Disc 34: Shimano Road "K" Shape

$ 49.52
Brand: SwissStop



The SwissStop Disc RS brake pad set offers a highly balanced combination of brake performance, durability and incredibly low noise in all conditions.

Product Details:

  • At 1.6mm thick the steel backplate saves weight over standard designs, yet provides the preferred thermal characteristics, strength and stability of steel
  • Delivers a smooth feel in the brake lever with predictable and progressive brake power
  • Features an organic compound that offers smooth modulation and is rotor-friendly
  • Provides extremely quiet operation in all environments


  • Backing Plate Material: Steel
  • Compound: Organic
  • Designed for ebike: Yes
  • Heat Sink: No
  • Pad Shape Number: 59
  • UPC: 7640121223297

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