Huck Norris Snakebite and Rim Dent Protective Insert Pair Size Small for 29" / 27.5" Rims with 21-28 mm Internal Widths

$ 69.99
Brand: Huck Norris


Huck Norris inserts protect your tubeless tires from snakebite punctures and your rims from dents. The specially formulated inserts take the brunt of the abuse when the tire bottoms out on rocky terrain or on hard landings. Choose your insert based on internal rim width and trim to fit your wheel diameter.

Product Details:

  • Sold in pairs
  • Closed cell plastic foam
  • Will absorb 10-15 g of tubeless tire sealant. Use a bit more sealant than the standard recommendation
  • Installs in any mountain tubeless tire and rim combo without any modification
  • Packaging can be re-used as a front fork fender
  • Trim marks for 27.5" tires

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